Tracargo allows you to track and check up on all of your sea shipments!

Tracargo is an automated tool which constantly obtains the latest information and notifies you of any change or latency that may have occurred.

You will never need to worry about manually tracking your containers again!

Demurrage Alerts

Get alerts when your days of free demurrage are winding down. Never again waste money!

Delay Reports

Get important statistics about all of your shipments! And with the ability to export it all!

About us

Mauricio and Conrad started Tracargo in 2015 because they realized a huge need for Automation in the logistics industry. The worst call you can get is a client telling you that a container with perishable fruit is late and has been in the yard for over 2 weeks collecting a big Demurrage bill!

That's why they both set out to create an all-in-one program that would limit the pain of individually tracking each container and the Demurrage costs that they were having to pay. One that would automatically aggregate and then handpick the key metrics/data from all of the multiple systems they were using and then condense it into one single place. Along the way, they realized how well that the system worked and how it saved time and money so they began adding more features and improving for Customs agents, Forwarders, Importers & Exporters.

The Tracargo Team’s main focus is to now help our clients find that Nirvana of automation, efficiency and metrics, thereby increasing their bottom line.


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